What is Escape Quest about?


It’s a real life experience that challenges you to escape in less than 60 minutes from a room that has a particular quest or theme. Working together as a team, using logic, wit, and observation you must solve puzzles that will bring you once step closer to completing the challenge in less than 60 minutes.


What is the minimum age to participate?

We welcome players 12 years and above with a minimum of at least one adult in the group.


How many people can play?

Our rooms can accommodate teams of 2-6 players. As the saying goes: “Four eyes see more than two”. Therefore, larger groups have a bigger chance of success. It can be a little more challenging to succeed with only two players but with concentration and team work you can definitely get the job done


Is physical strength needed?

No physical strength is needed for any of our games.


What happens if we get "stuck" during the game?

No worries. Our staff will be watching through video cameras and are trained to help you if you need it. If you need to, you'll be able to ask a maximum of 5 clues to help you solve the puzzles in order to continue.


And if there is an emergency or someone wants to leave the room?

Our staff will monitor the game closely through the video cameras and ready to react in case of any emergency. If someone leaves the room, he/she may not come back in during the game.


What happens if we can't complete the task in under 60 minutes?

If you are unable to complete the room in less than 60 minutes, our staff will enter the room to let you know the time is up.


I don't speak Spanish. Is that a problem?

Our games are designed for both English and Spanish speakers. Any person with basic knowledge of any of these languages can solve the tasks applying logic and common sense.


How long is the whole activity?

Approximately 90 minutes: 15 minutes for introduction to our facilities, review of safety guidelines, and an overview of the game; 60 minutes of playing time; and 10-15 minutes for wrap up, comments, and taking a picture with your group.




Do we need to book in advance?

We encourage you to make your booking through our website. But, if you are passing by and feel this great urge of trying to defy our rooms then you might be in luck to find an empty spot to participate.


How do I pay?

When you make your booking on our website, you will receive an email with all the information you need in order to pay; either by bank transfer/deposit, or in cash or credit card at our premises.


Once you have made the payment and we have proof of it, you will receive a confirmation email. If the payment has not been made after 48hrs of your request, the reservation will be automatically cancelled and the day and time will become available again on our website.


What happens if we are late?

We suggest arriving 15 minutes before your reserved game time. If you are late over 10 minutes from your reserved time you will lose your time slot and the payment will not be refunded. Reservations rotate around a 90-minute basis so we need to start on time. We hope you understand!


What if the person who made the reservation can't show up?

No worries. The team can play without that person or find someone who can substitute him/her.


Can I change my booking?

Yes, by calling 2336-5584 o sending an email to hola@escapequest.com.gt we can modify the date and time of your reservation for free, up to 2 days before your original booking.




Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! If you are looking for an original gift, we offer gift certificates so that that special person can have an unforgettable experience. Gift certificates are valid up to 3 months. Contact us for more information.


I would like to organize a corporate activity. What do you suggest?

Escape Quest is an ideal activity for businesses to get out of the office and participate in a fun and enriching time. Our games are a great tool to help you determine a group's dynamic and learn from the abilities of each teammate. You can even use it to evaluate candidates when interviewing, improve motivation, determine leadership potential, or just as a fun outing with your team.


Write us an email to hola@escapequest.com.gt to see how we can help you organize your corporate event.

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